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The Wall 4.0

by Mr. Awesome



The Wall 4.0, a project made by Mr. Awesome using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Physics Engine, Strategy, Animation, Art


miscellaneous, basic math, delays, variables, simple variables, simple conditionals, expert math, advanced math

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Text Snippets

  • made by mr. awesome. give credit to remix. i really suggest reading the instructions. they can be reached at any time. the game will start in a few seconds...
  • for your first drop of freefall, where do you want to drop the ball from? keep in mind that wherever you drop the ball now is where it will be dropped when you have to lose money.
  • freefall #1 done
  • now, for the second freefall drop, where do you want to drop the ball from?
  • freefall #2 done
  • and for your last drop of freefall, where do you want to drop the ball from?
  • freefall #3 done
  • here are the answer choices for the first question: a. bluestem b. pampus c. bamboo
  • based on those answers, what slot do you want to drop the ball from?
  • the tallest grass in the world is:
  • oh no! you got it wrong!
  • oh no! you got it wrong.
  • good job! that was the correct answer!
  • round 1; q1 done
  • here are the answer choices for the second question: a. corn b. wheat c. rice
  • the plant that is produced the most worldwide is:
  • round 1; q2 done
  • here are the answer choices for the last question: a. pecans b. walnuts c. acorns
  • what nut falls from the oak tree?
  • good job! that was the correct answer!
  • round 1; q3 done
  • i guess there's no reason to drop the money losing balls.
  • red #3 done game over
  • now, you have to lose money. the ball will drop from the same places you dropped them in freefall.
  • there's no reason to drop the balls again.
  • now for the second drop.
  • we won't drop the last ball, since you have no money.
  • and finally, the last drop.
  • your total money is: $
  • your total money is: $
  • your total money is: $
  • play again to see if you can get more money!
  • i will make only one more of these, but with different questions. the category will be animals.
  • in the meantime, you can also check out the other versions of the wall: the wall! - category: america the wall! 2.0 - category: space: the wall! #3 - category: geography
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  • dark yellow object
  • dark green object
  • object of the game: to get as much money as you can. - how to play: here at the beginning, you will get three chances at money called freefall. to even that out, at the end of the game you will drop three balls that could take that money away in the same places you dropped them in freefall. in between those sets, you will have three questions. if you get the question right, you get money. get it wrong and you lose money. however, you will only see the answer choices. if you think you know what the question is and you think you can get it right, you should put the ball in the slots further to the right. if you don't think you know, put it to the left.
  • change log for: the wall 4.0 - 1. changed the questions & answers 2. changed all the preview screen stuff 3. changed the final message, so that it is a "question" instead of it just saying the message for, like, two seconds. changed one of the messages. 4. when it shows you the answer choices, i got rid of the "ok" and "got it" buttons. instead you just tap anywhere.
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  • category: plants
  • made by: mr. awesome