The First Fleet

by Shoddy Mask



The First Fleet, a project made by Shoddy Mask using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Quiz, Geography, Art, History


input/output, simple messaging, advanced motion, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, simple motion, resize actor, simple events

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Text Snippets

  • The First Fleet
  • welcome to the first fleet quiz. tap on the boat to start the quiz.
  • ship / first fleet
  • which year did the first fleet leave portsmouth?
  • that’s right. thay left on 13 may 1787.
  • the first fleet leaves portsmouth, england the 13 of may 1787.
  • what did the first fleet stop to collect at santa cruz?
  • to stock up on food and water
  • yes. food and water was needed for the long trip.
  • anchor at santa cruz at tenerife to stock up fresh water, vegetables and meat.
  • cape of good hope
  • why did the first fleet go to the cape of good hope?
  • for more convicts
  • for the supplies
  • for more food and water
  • wow! you did a wonderful job. they went to the cape of good hope because the wanted more supplies.
  • bad luck. try again
  • why did the first fleet go to tasmania?
  • to send some convicts over
  • great work! they went to tasmania because they had to send some convicts over .
  • how long did they stay at rio de janeiro?
  • congratulations! you are super smart. yes it was 1 month.
  • when did the first fleet arrive at botany bay?
  • 26 of january ,1787
  • 24 january ,1788
  • 6 of february, 1788
  • i can not belive it. you just answered my last question . the 11 ships arrived at botany bay on the 24 of january ,1788.


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  • ship / first fleet - First FleetShip
    ship / first fleet - First FleetShip

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