Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story

by Its_Me_XD

originally from "Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story" by Unsung Neighborhood



Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story, a project made by Its_Me_XD using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



Text Snippets

  • astronaut_soundscape
  • hi there! i am very excited to be on this artemis mission!
  • what! you don't know what the artemis mission means, or what it stands for?
  • hmm, what should i say?
  • on earth, we have an atmosphere that protects us from harsh radiation from the sun, but on the moon it does not have any atmosphere. how does that work?
  • the mission is called artemis, which stands for acceleration, reconnection, turbulence and electrodynamics of moon's interaction with the sun.
  • now do you understand?
  • great! now let's getting going with our day.
  • what shall we do first? collect some moon rock samples or do some exercise for our bodies?
  • moon rock samples
  • do some exercise
  • oh! here we are on the moon! today, we are going to be collecting moon rocks.
  • do you know how to collect moon rocks?
  • really you don't! well then, i gotta teach you then!
  • tongs are used to pick up rock samples (which we are going today), scoops are used to collect soil samples, and rakes are used to collect pebbles. hammers are also used to break small chips off large rocks and to drive core tubes into the ground.
  • thank goodess i didn't forget my tongs, and... there we go, we have collected moon rocks, let's go back to the space station.
  • we have finished collecting moon rocks and now we have to do some exercise for our bodies.
  • in space, it is important for us to do some exercise, beacuse if we don't our bodies start losing bone and muscle. bone and muscle loss mean decreased size and strength, and that is not very good, isn't it? it also can reduce an astronaut's ability to do work because it makes them weak.
  • we don't want that to happen, right?
  • this is why space stations are quipped with three machines designed to give astronauts a full-body workout.
  • i love to exercise, i feel so good after it!
  • the three machines that space stations have are: bicycle, a treadmill, and a weightlifting machine called ared. ared stands for: advanced resistive exercise device. in space, astronauts grip handles and sit up against a back pad to stay stationary. we make sure that we do this everyday!
  • i will be back, i gotta do some exercise!
  • i have finally finished my exercise!
  • well look at the time! i need to go to sleep, i will be fresh and ready for tomorrow! bye guys, see you later!
  • i have finally finished some exercise and now i am strong enough to collect some moon rocks!
  • i have finally finished collecting moon rocks!


  • background scene - Cockpit Moon
    background scene - Cockpit Moon
  • background scene - Earth Moon 3
    background scene - Earth Moon 3
  • background scene - Cockpit Space
    background scene - Cockpit Space

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