Talking Tofu Gets Eaten? or not?

by RealAblaze

originally from "Talking Tofu - complete" by Future Auction



This talking tofu tells a story! Modify the project by drawing more costumes for the tofu and giving it more things to say.


Art, Animation, Storytelling, Game, My News, Funny


delays, simple loops, functions, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous

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  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:7
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Text Snippets

  • i am a piece of tofu!
  • today, nobody wanted to eat me.
  • but.. maybe that's a good thing after all.
  • hopefully tomorrow will be as goo-
  • im getting eaten?!
  • ummmm oh no pls will you help me?
  • will you help this nice little tofu?
  • i will protect you!!!!!
  • no you little dude
  • thx! now lets get outa here!
  • well.. goodbye world, aghhhhhhhh
  • i wish i foun- hey! i could eat that big squary tofu!


  • background scene - Drawing
    background scene - Drawing
  • Tofu - Happy
    Tofu - Happy
  • Tofu - What
    Tofu - What
  • Tofu - Hmmm
    Tofu - Hmmm
  • Tofu - Cry
    Tofu - Cry
  • Tofu - Normal
    Tofu - Normal
  • Plate - actor
    Plate - actor
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing