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Talking Polly/Fight

by Perpetual Firefighter



Talking Polly/Fight, a project made by Perpetual Firefighter using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Funny, gif, Storytelling


delays, advanced costume handling, input/output, simple events, simple variables

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  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:14
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Text Snippets

  • Talking Polly/Fight
  • hi please stop coding my game, i know youre on this if your reading this lol
  • you encounter polly, the bird.
  • bottom message box
  • you’re kinda cute ;))
  • startled blushing
  • eh? are you flirting with me? i only said you were cute...!
  • r...really? fine, i’ll show ya’...
  • ta-ta-ta-da... yeah, it’s blue, so what?
  • startled blushing hand
  • f...fight?! fine...
  • *you feel polly’s fabulousness crawling down your back.*
  • battle mc fire shot
  • battle no fire hurt polly
  • battle fire hurt polly
  • battle fire hurt polly shot
  • battle hurt mc fire
  • fine... you win.. uggh...

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