by Dolphinsrule

remixed from "Mother's Day Mad Libs" by Original Queen

originally from "Mother's Day Mad Libs" by Abiding Neighborhood



Storyteller, a project made by Dolphinsrule using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple variables, basic math, input/output, variables, text handling, delays, string handling, functions, simple sound playing, simple loops, simple events, simple drawing, pen color

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Text Snippets

  • happy mother's day!
  • you created a story! come, have a look.
  • john is a handsome man who dresses in
  • to match his eyes.
  • one day john found a ransom
  • for $100 for a boy's life.
  • john mounted his
  • and set off to
  • where the boy was being help captive. he took $100, just in case.
  • when he got there, he saw the boy
  • over a pit of lava.
  • rescued the boy, ran out of the
  • , and mounted his
  • , placing the boy behind him.
  • when john returned the boy to his family, he
  • vanished, probaly looking for more baddies.
  • enter an animal.
  • enter a verb ending in -ing.
  • enter an adverb.
  • enter another adverb.


  • background scene - parchment card
    background scene - parchment card