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Stick Quest World 2 1

by Rabid Jail



Stick Quest World 2 1, a project made by Rabid Jail using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Stick Figure, Adventure, Simulator


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, delays, advanced motion, simple loops, detect conditions, advanced events, input/output, program control, advanced costume handling, layers, simple variables, cloning, basic math, simple conditionals, variables, miscellaneous, resize actor, simple motion, text handling, conditional loops, direction and turning, advanced math

  • #Lines:1027
  • #Actors:72
  • #Costumes:82
  • #Scripts:272

Text Snippets

  • Stick Quest World 2 1
  • hi! i'm your narrator, and i'll be telling you what happened last episode!
  • it's a great episode! please play it if you haven't before this!
  • so, how can i explain this...?
  • so, an evil demon sent a witch named morgan to steal the 3 grand crystals to power a superweapon.
  • our hero journeyed to the forest of illusion, where he faced monsters and large fish.
  • eventually, he made it to a castle where he fought the dreaded panda pet and retrieved the first crystal.
  • now he must journey to cannon cove. there are actually not that much cannons there, but he still must face large fish, octopi, llammas, and the wicked sammy scientist.
  • i'm not making this up.
  • well, have fun, don't copy, and leave a like! :d
  • the crystal is in sammy scientists’s lair. you’ll have to beat the other levels to get to there.
  • click on the red circle to begin.
  • the launcher of llammas
  • llamma launcher!!!
  • sorry, i’ll let you continue.
  • but isn’t that kinda llamma abuse?
  • congrats! you have journeyed far enough to retreive the second grand crystal!
  • now you must journey to the black mountains to face morgan and set and end your journey.
  • to be continued...
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • he he he. do you remember me, your old pal morgan?
  • of course you do! i tried to destroy you, remember?
  • well, over there is my pal sammy scientist, who will tell you his evil plan as soon as i fly away!
  • i, sammy scientist, am amazing, don’t you think?
  • don’t answer that. i knew you were going to say yes.
  • so over here i have a llamma, and right here, i am in a launcher.
  • guess what i’m going to do?
  • no guess? very well. i have made a-
  • of course not! although...
  • maybe it is llamma abuse...
  • you know what? be free! go and be free!
  • i’m just gonna destroy you now, k?
  • sammy scientist11
  • crusher111111111