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Space Defence

by SpicySpaceSnake



A game where the goal is to beat the purple monster. This is also one of the most complicated games I have made so far. *Made using Tynker for i-Pad.


Game, FPS, Storytelling, Platformer, Taking Care Of, App, Music, Art, Animation, Customizer, Animals


simple messaging, visibility, delays, expert physics, advanced motion, advanced messaging, simple loops, input/output, simple events, direction and turning, program control, advanced costume handling, simple costume handling, functions, advanced events, variables, resize actor, simple variables, detect conditions, basic math, simple sound playing, advanced physics, simple motion, basic physics, advanced animation, simple conditionals, screen bounds, cloning

  • #Lines:844
  • #Actors:34
  • #Costumes:103
  • #Scripts:158

Text Snippets

  • A game where the goal is to beat the purple monster. This is also one of the most complicated games I have made so far. *Made using Tynker for i-Pad.
  • welcome to space defence!
  • throughout the game, there will be instructions...
  • please, don't freak out.
  • game starts in: t-minus 10...
  • game starts in: t-minus 9...
  • game starts in: t-minus 8...
  • game starts in: t-minus 7...
  • game starts in: t-minus 6...
  • game starts in: t-minus 5...
  • game starts in: t-minus 4...
  • game starts in: t-minus 3...
  • game starts in: t-minus 2...
  • game starts in: t-minus 1...
  • you have defeated the monster!
  • that dreadful thing had posed a major threat to the universe...
  • but now, we are safe.
  • thanks for helping me reach 200 likes, guys! space defence 2 is coming soon...
  • tap anywhere to shoot!
  • tap the green buttons to go up or down!
  • the energyshields seem to be unbreakable...
  • they seem to be powered by the enemy ships...
  • so maybe if i take them out the shields will be gone!
  • really?! another shield?
  • this one seems to go on-and-off for about 2 seconds at a time...
  • i would need to make a lucky shot and time it perfectly...
  • ...whether the shield is up or not, because i don't think i can wait.
  • hmm... i can break walls!
  • good guy ship B1
  • good guy ship B2
  • good guy ship B3
  • alien creature 71
  • alien creature 7
  • i guess i underestimated you...
  • none shall pass! none shall ever pass!
  • guards! escort our 'visitor'...
  • you took my sheild down!
  • emergency protocol 701- status: pending.
  • emergency protocol 701- status: pending..
  • emergency protocol 701- status: pending...
  • emergency protocol 701: status: activated!
  • metal platform off
  • metal platform on
  • dirt platform copy
  • dirt platform copy copy
  • green button off
  • finally, you have defeated that dreaded monster!
  • the universe is now safe from threat...
  • least for now.
  • umm... hello? just passing through...
  • defeat the monster!
  • *people scream inside* ahhhhhhhh!
  • good guy ship A1
  • good guy ship A2
  • good guy ship A3
  • good guy ship A21
  • adventurous music
  • press me to begin! make sure to turn your sound up!