sorry mousecat and cujo

by Fruitisfuntodraw



sorry mousecat and cujo, a project made by Fruitisfuntodraw using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Social

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Text Snippets

  • sorry mousecat and cujo
  • so im just saying to be clear
  • im not part of the lbtg or whatever its called.
  • im a girl, and im strait.
  • means i only like boys... not that i know anyone i like, cuz they're *cough cough* ew
  • to people who think they have to be in the lbtg thing.
  • no you dont, you can be who ever you want to be.
  • its a choice, you are never forced to be this.
  • if you feel like you dont fit in, go find somewhere you do!
  • so yeah, that why none of my ocs are gay or les.
  • i think its wrong, but i have good friends who r bi and i dont care about that
  • they're my friends so i support them. even though i disagree.
  • and thats fine!
  • so yeah thats just me!
  • bai my dragum pack cya later!
  • look, i realized what i said was mean and offecnceive
  • im really sorry.
  • i think you should listen to your heart!
  • who am i to say dont?
  • i am really sorry. that was extremly rude .
  • i was also in a bad mood.
  • it seems to have an affect on me. ‘,-,’
  • i’ll take your advice
  • and not follow my heart
  • i still don’t see the problem tho
  • and i’m speaking for all those people like me
  • you should have the right to follow your heart
  • people get enough pressure outside
  • and your just piling it on
  • i bet your not even thinking about those people who cry themselves to sleep because they don’t fit in
  • am i offending you?
  • well all i can say is keep the bitterness to your self


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