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Sketch-pad KO

by Frank Byte

originally from "Sketch-pad" by Astrolite



Sketch-pad KO, a project made by Frank Byte using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Simulator, Animation


simple events, simple motion, simple messaging, text handling, simple loops, input/output, delays, pen color, variables, basic math, direction and turning, advanced motion, miscellaneous, resize actor, visibility, graphic effects, pen size, simple drawing, detect conditions, simple variables, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, conditional loops, advanced math

  • #Lines:371
  • #Actors:42
  • #Costumes:47
  • #Scripts:93

Text Snippets

  • do not copy or remix! any published copys or remixes will be reported!
  • loading, please wait
  • loading, please wait.
  • loading, please wait..
  • loading, please wait...
  • are you sure you want to clear?
  • virtual sketch-pad!
  • set pen size to 1
  • use this space to test your colors.
  • set pen size to 50
  • drawing231111111
  • drawing2311111111
  • drawing23111111111
  • drawing231111111111
  • drawing2311111111111
  • drawing23111111111111
  • drawing231111111111111
  • drawing2311111111111111