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Sail for Glory

by Boiling Dress



Sail for Glory, a project made by Boiling Dress using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art


basic math, visibility, delays, simple motion, miscellaneous, simple events, simple loops, simple messaging, simple conditionals, detect conditions, advanced messaging, input/output, advanced motion, simple sound playing, advanced costume handling, direction and turning, variables, simple variables, advanced math, conditional loops, actor properties, program control, simple costume handling, layers

  • #Lines:866
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:29
  • #Scripts:93

Text Snippets

  • press the arrow keys to move the boat.
  • bottom message box
  • press the cannon icon to shoot a cannonball.
  • you have to wait for 1.5 seconds before shooting again.
  • crashing into rocks gives you a game over as sea creatures take out one hp.
  • p.s. i am aware of the glitches.
  • adventure theme2
  • Adventurous Music
  • Adventure Theme1
  • Adventure Theme2
  • squid tentacle 2
  • squid tentacle 1