Reaction test

by Redundant Vests

originally from "Reaction test" by Maximilian Wallis Hjorth



Reaction test, a project made by Redundant Vests using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple variables, basic math, variables, simple messaging, delays, input/output, simple events, visibility, text handling, advanced costume handling, advanced math, conditional loops, simple motion, conditional wait, simple loops, advanced messaging

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Text Snippets

  • total reaction ms
  • test subject number
  • hello test subject nr:
  • today we are testing your reaction time and iq based on reaction time
  • this test is not confirmed by scientists and was created for educational purposes. do not judge yourself (or others) by the results here.
  • press the blue ball when it appeares
  • you had an average reaction time of
  • ms which means that you have an average iq of
  • according to's research, which said that every 29,23 miliseconds of reaction equals about 15 iq points.
  • all subjects average ms
  • all subjets total ms
  • all subjects average iq
  • all subjects average reactiontime:
  • all subjects average iq:


  • background scene - Blue
    background scene - Blue
  • background scene - Red
    background scene - Red
  • ball - drawing
    ball - drawing
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing
    drawing1 - drawing
  • ball1 - drawing
    ball1 - drawing

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