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Re: I am leaving.

by Ice Wolf

originally from "I am leaving." by Abstract Holiday



Re: I am leaving., a project made by Ice Wolf using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • Re: I am leaving.
  • so... i have come to a decision. i will be leaving tynker. this is not a hiatus. this will be forever.
  • there are a couple things i would like to say.
  • firstly, to most of you, ill miss you. especialy jilly, doggobear, field_cat and rosalie. you guys are my the people ive known the best and/or the longest.
  • if anyone on tynker wants to talk to me, do so on zgames' amino. my username is [bean]
  • *please note that i will miss more people than the few i just named.
  • i like doggobear, have noticed that i am happier without tynker. i want to stay happy as i have a lot of stuff in my life right now
  • i am not leaving because of one particular person so don't feel bad.
  • black_kittenz, im sorry i didn't get to know you better on tynker. ive made you some art!
  • rosalie, i know you said you wanted to collab. im sorry we didnt get to.
  • i hope to hear from some of you soon! 💗💛💙, erikajane.
  • please note that my projects and ocs (that were not put up for adoption) are still mine. do not copy in my absence. thanks!
  • i, ice wolf, was a proud member of your fangroup
  • and it’s hard to see u leave! *cry*
  • have fun out there!
  • i’ll miss you, but i understand your ways.
  • p.s. i hope u like the fanart!