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Re Adopt an oc 1

by Unfinished Suit

originally from "Adopt an oc!! By: Rainbow Skies" by Five Alert



Re Adopt an oc 1, a project made by Unfinished Suit using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation

  • #Lines:30
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:16
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Text Snippets

  • Re Adopt an oc 1
  • tap on the oc's name to find out if it is taken! also, tap on what to do to find out how to adopt it! -rainbow skies p.s. i am sorry for aby type os
  • remix this, ask for the oc you want, use a fake name if you are not signed in, and publish! i will respond as soon as possible! do not use without permission!
  • stella is adopted by l.j!
  • hi i am stella and i live in space! i am 5 in human years and love stargazing!
  • chocodog i have decided not to give away. sorry. it was too cool when i drew it. :)
  • hi i am chocodog and am also born in a sugarrush fantasy and am 6 in haman years! disclamer: never ever feed a dog chocolete! this is just an oc. it can kill them if you are not careful.
  • chocodog i can't decide if i want to sell............... if i do choose to sell he is up for adoption! so, still ask!
  • cupcake is mousecat's!
  • hi i am cupcake and i am very forgetful. i must have been born in some sugarrush fantasy as i love cupcakes! disclamer:never feed a cat a cupcake! i think i am 3 in human years.
  • karie is up for adoption!
  • hi, i am karie. i am 12 and i love to draw!! i am a bit small for my age though...
  • emma is up for adoption!
  • hi, i am emma or you can call me em for short. i an sisters with kadenza and kanara and i love to play outside! i am a twin with kanara.
  • kadenza is up for adoption!
  • hi, i am kadenza i am the oldest of my two sisters and prefer the quiet life. my sisters bother me by pranking me though! i am 18.
  • kanara is up for adoption!
  • hi, i am kanara and love playing pranks. i am a twin with emma and am also 12. i love cake too.
  • could yumi and i adopt chocodog please?