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Potion Maker 1

by Cozy Tire



Potion Maker 1, a project made by Cozy Tire using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Customizer, Stick Figure, Storytelling, Cool / Wow


delays, simple loops, variables, simple sound playing, basic math, advanced math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, simple variables, conditional loops

  • #Lines:916
  • #Actors:24
  • #Costumes:49
  • #Scripts:147

Text Snippets

  • disclaimer: you can't actually fight the monsters in this game. so that's why there's another game, quite like this, but much different.
  • so this is the end, for now.
  • center message box
  • oh, you overfed the rat.
  • well, what can you do?
  • flower shroom done
  • flower dust done
  • sharp flower done
  • dusty tooth done
  • copy poison shroom
  • copy flower dust
  • copy dusty tooth
  • copy dusty shroom
  • copy flower shroom
  • copy sharp flower
  • dusty shroom done
  • poison shroom done
  • did you hear that?
  • wow, you made all the potions.
  • thanks for helping me.
  • can you help me make my potions?
  • my ingredients are too heavy and massive, so can you drop a pair of items in the cauldron?
  • after you mix two items, drag the bottle in the cauldron to make a potion.
  • wait for the potions to stop moving, then grab it.
  • test your potions on the rat.
  • don't overfeed him and wait for his potion effects to wear off.
  • halloween shriveled shroom
  • normal fairy dust
  • flower shroom potion
  • h. flower shroom drink
  • flower shroom drink
  • flower shroom made
  • dusty shroom drink
  • poison shroom drink
  • sharp flower drink
  • flower dust drink
  • dusty tooth drink
  • h. flower dust drink
  • h. dusty shroom drink
  • h. dusty tooth drink
  • h. poison shroom drink
  • h. sharp flower drink
  • rat swirl 2 copy
  • dusty shroom potion
  • dusty shroom made
  • poison shroom potion
  • poison shroom made
  • flower dust potion
  • flower dust made
  • dusty tooth potion
  • dusty tooth made
  • sharp flower potion
  • sharp flower made

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