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pet simulator 2.0

by Bald eagle



pet simulator 2.0, a project made by Bald eagle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Taking Care Of, Art, Customizer, Food & Drink, Animals


simple events, visibility, detect conditions, advanced motion, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, simple loops, simple motion, program control, simple messaging, advanced events, input/output, delays

  • #Lines:891
  • #Actors:56
  • #Costumes:65
  • #Scripts:316

Text Snippets

  • pet simulator 2.0
  • whats your pets name?
  • is a pecuilar name
  • choose a house for your pet!
  • dress your pet up!
  • give your pet a job
  • help the little girl get her cat
  • decorate this cake
  • oh no! some naughty kid has taken every thing of the walls! you have five mins until school starts hurry and put everything back!
  • yuck is it gluten free!
  • oh brain freeze!
  • ow, brain freeze!
  • yuck is this even gluten free !
  • i want my kittycat! get me my cat!!!
  • yay! my kittycat!