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Pegasus Maker!

by Passionate Chocolate



Pegasus Maker!, a project made by Passionate Chocolate using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Cool / Wow, Art, Animation, Customizer, Animals, Word


basic math, simple conditionals

  • #Lines:142
  • #Actors:12
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:34

Text Snippets

  • welcome to pegasus maker! press the red buttons to change your pegasus, and herd! updates: new title, randomize feauture, typed words for the buttons, typed word for done button, comfirmination feature.
  • do you really want to change your mane?
  • do you really want to change your tail?
  • do you really want to change your wings?
  • do you really want to change your color?
  • do you really want to change your herd?
  • do you really want to randomize your pegasus and herd?
  • random confirmed
  • are you satisfied with your pegasus?
  • thank you for making me! what will my name be?
  • what a cool name!
  • thanks for giving it to me!
  • land pegasus mane
  • Land pegasus mane
  • Sky pegasus mane
  • Sea pegasus mane
  • Night pegasus mane
  • Day pegasus mane
  • Dawn pegasus mane
  • land pegasus tail
  • Land Pegasus Tail
  • Sky Pegasus Tail
  • Sea Pegasus Tail copy
  • Night Pegasus Tail
  • Day Pegasus Tail
  • Dawn Pegasus Tail
  • land pegasi wings
  • Land pegasi wings
  • Sky pegasi wings
  • Sea pegasi wings
  • Night pegasi wings
  • Day pegasi wings
  • Dawn pegasi wings