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Papa's Freezeria

by Trifling Sandwich



Papa's Freezeria, a project made by Trifling Sandwich using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Simulator, Clicker


simple messaging, visibility, delays, simple events, advanced costume handling, simple motion, input/output

  • #Lines:245
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:25
  • #Scripts:86

Text Snippets

  • Papa's Freezeria
  • welcome to the tynker version of papa's freezeria! today you will complete an order!
  • simply select the size, flavour and toppings of the drink and then tap done to complete the order!
  • what size cup? tap the size you need.
  • now select the flavour by tapping it!
  • now we will add some toppings! simply tap the topping to add it.
  • now press done to finish the order!
  • wow! that's an awesome score!!! now you can make your own version.
  • thanks for playing! make sure you leave a like.