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Panda Care

by Kind Fireplace



Panda Care, a project made by Kind Fireplace using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Taking Care Of, Art, Animation, Animals, Cool / Wow


delays, simple conditionals, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • this is panda care
  • this is the home screen
  • now(if you want to)go to bath
  • this is where your panda can eat
  • there's bamboo,kibble,water,and milk
  • the left arrow is where your food can go
  • the right arrow is where your drinks can go
  • if you want to go back to the home screen,press home
  • to make your panda eat and drink,drag the kibble and bamboo to their plate and the h2o(water)and milk to their bowl
  • now drag it to your panda
  • you are back at the home screen
  • now you can sleep
  • press the bed for your panda to sleep
  • you are now done with this game
  • i hoped you like it!
  • if you want to play more, that's fine.😉
  • this is the bathroom
  • you can have your panda have a bath or your panda can go to the litter box
  • if you want your panda to go to the litter box,press it
  • here you can wash your panda and dry her
  • drag the shower head to her to wash her
  • the soap to make bubbles on her
  • and the towel to dry her
  • now take the blanket and put it on your panda
  • if you want your panda to wake up press wake up!
  • now that you are done,go to the bathtub
  • now you are all done with your panda in the bathroom.go to play
  • now you can go to the sky or in the tank
  • if you are done playing,go to your bedroom(sleep)
  • shooting water shower head
  • please pass the toilet paper.