Painting with Akira; Flower Power

by CGirl



Touch anywhere to draw a flower. A different flower is drawn each time. See how each petal is “stamped” in a circle to make a flower? Change the numbers in the “repeat” command to create different kinds of flowers.


Art, How To, Math Art


input/output, delays, basic math, visibility, functions, resize actor, simple drawing, direction and turning, simple loops, simple events, simple sound playing, advanced costume handling, music and instruments, miscellaneous, advanced events, detect conditions, advanced motion, simple costume handling, simple conditionals

  • #Lines:108
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:7
  • #Scripts:5

Text Snippets

  • drawsimpleflower
  • hi!i didnt see you there!im akira,your host of.....
  • painting with akira!
  • hold on,im going to change in my artist clothes.hey!no peeking!
  • oops!i didnt get your name,what is your name,young artist?
  • ,im used to calling your name now.
  • is a good name,it suits you.
  • so,were on to lesson 1,flower power!
  • touch the screen to make a beautiful flower!
  • do you want to know how you made a flower just by touching the screen?
  • i could use this lesson.
  • look at the coding of the petal,that would help you!
  • ok,you might not know how to show the code,but ill tell you how instead!
  • use: on start,its in the control/flow tab of your coding pieces on the right.
  • use the 'hide' coding piece and attach it to the 'on start' coding piece.
  • use the ' clear' coding piece and attach it to the 'hide' coding piece!
  • start a new coding line,but this time,use 'when true occurs' to start off!
  • not all coding pieces are connectable,some look like little rectangles.
  • you might be like: yeah,whats the use of this?you can put it inside connectable coding pieces!so use 'when touching screen?' and place it in 'when true occurs!'
  • get the 'go to _________' piece and in that blank,put touch location and connect it to your 'when _____ occurs' starting piece!
  • use 'next costume' coding piece and attach it ( it will only work if your petal has like 5 costumes or more!! l).
  • attach the 'show' coding piece.
  • use the 'if true then' piece that has an opening for coding pieces with an else + and inside,put in 'pick random [ 1 ] to [ 2 ]' inside a ' [ ] > [ 1 ]' coding piece and put both in the 'if true occurs' coding piece.
  • put ' drawflower ' and then put 'drawsimpleflower' in the else + section.
  • and finally attach hide!
  • but,i got to tell you,this only works for flowers!!im pretty sure.
  • oh well,bye and you'll thank me for this lesson,it might be useful in your projects!oops,my time is up here,see you later!
  • thanks for listening to the lesson!may it be helpful in your future projects! - akira


  • background scene - fantasy landscape
    background scene - fantasy landscape
  • background scene - fantasy open
    background scene - fantasy open
  • petal - petal
    petal - petal
  • petal - petal3
    petal - petal3
  • petal - petal5
    petal - petal5
  • petal - petal4
    petal - petal4
  • petal - petal6
    petal - petal6
  • Akira - artist Akira
    Akira - artist Akira
  • Akira - normal Akira
    Akira - normal Akira

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Painting with Akira; Flower Power
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