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Pac-Man 1 1 1

by Bored Sponge

remixed from "Pac-Man 1 1" by Rigid Question

originally from "Pac-Man 1" by Darling Cause



Pac-Man 1 1 1, a project made by Bored Sponge using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Arcade, Cool / Wow


delays, basic math, simple sound playing, simple conditionals, simple loops

  • #Lines:770
  • #Actors:59
  • #Costumes:64
  • #Scripts:249

Text Snippets

  • welcome to the game pac-man!
  • this game will not contain the rules. they will somewhere else. also some tips.
  • hope you enjoy it!
  • times up! next level!
  • wait! did you eat all the pelats though? (incuding the pink ones?)
  • oh! okay then. lets continue!
  • oh! okay then. i'll give you 30 more seconds.
  • alright. now times up, even if you didn't get all of them (which i'm expecting).😕
  • ready? 3, 2, 1, go!
  • times up! well, that was fun.
  • would you like to go on?
  • alrighty then! lets keep going. (you have two more levels left though.)
  • these two levels are a bit different. they have fruits in them.
  • if you eat a fruit, one of the ghosts will disapear.
  • also, that ghost will stay vanished!
  • oh, and a tip for you: i couldn't find a way to make it stay vanished, so eat the pink pellats first.
  • but be warned: the fruit doesn't stay in it's place forever.
  • it will pop up somewhere, and then disapear.
  • there will be a cherry and a peach.
  • times up! how did you do?
  • time for the next level!
  • thanks for playing! i hope you liked it!
  • 35 acoustic bass drum
  • food111111111111
  • food1111111111111
  • food111111111112
  • food1111111111121
  • food11111111111211
  • food1111111111122
  • food11111111111221
  • food111111111112211
  • food1111111111122111
  • food11111111111221111
  • food111111111112211111
  • food11111111111222
  • food111111111112221
  • food1111111111122211
  • food11111111111222111
  • food111111111112221111
  • food1111111111122211111
  • food11111111111222111111
  • food111111111112221111111
  • food1111111111122211111111
  • food1111111111122211111112
  • food11111111111222111111121
  • food111111111112221111111211
  • food1111111111122211111112111
  • food11111111111222111111121111
  • food11111111111222111111121112
  • food111111111112221111111211121
  • food1111111111122211111112111211
  • food11111111111222111111121112111
  • food111111111112221111111211121111
  • food111111111112221111111211111
  • food1111111111122211111112111111
  • food11111111111222111111121111111
  • rule #1: to make pac-man move, tap on the screen. rule #2: try to collect all of the food before time runs out. you have a minute and a half. tip #1: if you go to the pink pellats, you can go faster. tip #2: if you touch the walls, they take you to where you started, also the limits, and the ghosts, so watch out! rule and tip #3: have fun!