My Map

by Mooserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

remixed from "My Map" by Trite Whirl

originally from "My Map" by Magenta Gel



Make your own map that demonstrates different geographical features.


simple events, input/output, direction and turning, advanced animation, simple motion, screen bounds, simple loops, delays, advanced motion, program control, miscellaneous, simple sound playing, layers, basic math, simple conditionals, detect conditions

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Text Snippets

  • the ocean is a large body of salt water.
  • a hill is a naturally raised piece of land.
  • the desert is a large, dry piece of land with little water and few plants.
  • a mountain is a very elevated piece of land, taller than hills.
  • a river is a flowing natural body of water.
  • an island is a piece of land completely surrounded by water.
  • cartoon scream long


  • background scene - Drawing
    background scene - Drawing
  • Hills - actor
    Hills - actor
  • Desert - actor
    Desert - actor
  • Land - actor
    Land - actor
  • Mountain - actor
    Mountain - actor
  • River - actor
    River - actor
  • Island - actor
    Island - actor
  • Hills1 - actor
    Hills1 - actor
  • goblin - Kid Plain 2
    goblin - Kid Plain 2