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my furry friend

by Fortunate Pepper



my furry friend, a project made by Fortunate Pepper using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




delays, input/output, advanced costume handling, simple events, simple messaging, visibility

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Text Snippets

  • okay my first day at this new school i hope i can make some friends here
  • bottom message box
  • i walked down the sidewalk for a while then i was her the new school
  • i was nerveous at first but then i had to be brave
  • i walked in and a guy came by and his walet fell on the way . i picked it up and
  • hey mr. you droped your walet
  • he turned around and walked back to me
  • thx if i lost this o wouldnt know what to do
  • well see you later bye
  • he’s so nice he even blushed when i gave it back but i better get going
  • after school i walked back home and on the way i stoped at the cafe
  • mmm chocolate seems good to get
  • i went inside untill i met that guy again
  • hi what can i oh its you. again what a surprize
  • yeah hi i came here to get chocolate and we meet again
  • yeah you just cant expect what will happen hahaha
  • im matt nice yo meet you
  • i was about to say again until
  • oooo jakes got someone yo talk to ooo a new friend
  • oh dont be mad at me im just kidding
  • so i guess you two met already
  • well ill leave you to alone oh jake you can go now
  • so where are you staying at
  • well my dorm key says 12
  • well you have a roomat which is me i have a key that says 12 two
  • wow a friend that is my room mate now

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