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Mitchel and Alex: The Game! 2.0

by AwesomeMega8921



Mitchel and Alex: The Game! 2.0, a project made by AwesomeMega8921 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Cool / Wow, Adventure, Art, Animation, Stick Figure


input/output, simple events, advanced costume handling, visibility, simple conditionals, basic math, direction and turning, simple motion, simple costume handling, simple loops, delays, conditional loops, detect conditions

  • #Lines:176
  • #Actors:15
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:34

Text Snippets

  • Mitchel and Alex: The Game! 2.0
  • charecter switched.
  • bottom message box
  • what do you want to say?
  • freind switched.
  • i’m gonna take over the world!
  • once i press this button... the world will be mine!
  • evil guy remote arm up
  • evil guy remote pressed
  • evil guy remote shock
  • Evil Guy Remote Arm Up
  • Evil Guy Remote Pressed
  • Evil Guy Remote Shock
  • welcome to mitchel and alex: the game! just tap where you want to go, and you’ll go there! you can also interact with people/objects by tapping on them! you can also change your charecter by tapping on him!
  • wow! you’ve played this game for a whole day! amazing!
  • hello, welocome to my store!
  • i’ve got loads of items for you to purchase!
  • here’s what i got:
  • here are some comics i have:
  • alex: theres a pig! mitchel: pet. alex: that pig is infected! mitchel: aaahhh!!! the end.
  • mitchel: zzzzzzzz alex: hmmm... duck: pop! alex: i was just make’n breakfast!
  • mitchel: it’s a nice day. alex: look, a duck! duck: boom! mitchel: charles? charles (who was disguised as a duck): yeah! mitchel: noooo!
  • ok, here are some people i have:
  • here are some items i’ve got:
  • i’m am evil guy... from the future!
  • release... the robots!
  • where are my robots?
  • i swear i programed them to obey my every command...
  • second freind switched.
  • hey mitchel and alex! i’ve mail for you!
  • you got an award called: “full day play” for playing for a whole day!

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Mitchel and Alex: The Game! 2.0