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Minecraft Quiz!

by XxLunarmoonxX

remixed from "Minecraft Quiz!" by Square Gel

originally from "Week 2: Forest Quiz - SAMPLE" by Mere Antonym



Minecraft Quiz!, a project made by XxLunarmoonxX using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Quiz, Game, Photo, Trivia


simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • welcome to my minecraft quiz!
  • in this quiz i will ask you some questions about minecraft.
  • there will be ten questions.
  • if you get all the questions right then good job.
  • if you enjoy the quiz please leave a like.
  • p.s. this is not my skin
  • anyways...let’s get on with the quiz.
  • how many dimensions are in minecraft?
  • the answer was actually four the nether, overworld, end, and f you didn't know the void
  • how many types of apples are in minecraft?
  • there are three types of apples if you include the golden apple and the notch apple.
  • how many mobs spawn in the nether?
  • the answer was actually seven.
  • how many stray cat varieties are there?
  • there are actually ten stray cat varieties thanks to the 1.14 update.
  • how much damage do eggs do?
  • one heart and a half
  • it does no damage
  • trick question! eggs do no damage.
  • how much attack damage does a diamond sword do?
  • six attack damage
  • seven attack damage
  • eight attack damage
  • the answer was actually seven attack damage.
  • how many flying mobs are in minecraft?
  • the answer is seven including the phantom,blaze,ghast,wither,ender dragon,vex,parrot and the bat.
  • how many mobs were added in the 1.13 update?
  • the answer was seven including cod,salmon,tropical fish,pufferfish,phantom,drowned and the sea turtle.
  • what is the flying mob evokers spawn when a player approaches it?
  • the answer was actually vex.
  • how many shulker box colors are there?
  • trick question! the answer is actually seventeen.
  • thank you so much for playing!
  • i hope you enjoyed the quiz and had a fun time!
  • i hope you learned some new facts about minecraft.
  • if you liked the quiz leave a like.
  • ciao adios i’m done!


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