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Mega Tower Defense! 3 1

by Visible Peel

remixed from "Mega Tower Defense! 3" by Overt Last

originally from "Tower Defense" by Orange Pause



Mega Tower Defense! 3 1, a project made by Visible Peel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Stick Figure, Arcade, Cool / Wow, Word, Battle, Customizer, Tower Defense


variables, simple variables, basic math, advanced math, simple conditionals, delays, miscellaneous, simple loops, conditional loops

  • #Lines:1240
  • #Actors:37
  • #Costumes:53
  • #Scripts:116

Text Snippets

  • Mega Tower Defense! 3 1
  • bottom message box
  • buy pierce for $35?
  • buy ultimate ability: killer wail for $100?
  • this killer wail is on cooldown:
  • drawing copy copy
  • buy bigger bangs for $50?
  • buy ultimate ability: rocket burst for $150?
  • this rocket burst is on cooldown:
  • laser blue copy copy
  • buy speed upgrade for $25?
  • buy ultimate ability: mass cleave for $150?
  • this mass cleave is on cooldown:
  • buy sharper blades for $100?
  • buy ultimate weapon: strongsword for $200?
  • drawing copy1 copy
  • hello! welcome to mega tower defense!!
  • this is the shop. you hire people to defend from enemies. click on it to open
  • you would need $20 to hire this person,
  • and you drag and drop them, like this!
  • you can click on the person to see upgrades
  • cash is broadcasted here.
  • the amount of lives and which round it is will also be broadcasted here
  • when your life gets to 0, it is game over
  • there is a lag meter here, so hopefully the game will not crash
  • buy mega speed for $100?
  • buy ultimate ability: bullet mayhem for $150?
  • bullet mayhem!!!
  • this bullet mayhem is on cooldown:
  • if this gets 20 likes, i will make 1 new character (done) if this gets 100 likes, i will put level difficulties and other functions (in the process) if this gets 200 likes, i will make 2 more characters soon, i will upgrade the cash system
  • you can only have 1 spike at a time
  • which character would you like to know more about?
  • blue shoots slowly but is a good beginner troop. he would need a lot of support to take down bad guys.
  • this guy shoots rockets that explode on contact. he can destroy 2 layers of armor of the enemy.
  • he is fast and shoots daggers of heavy damage but he is horrible at aiming. his daggers will twist and turn.
  • these tacks will reduce enemy life as long as you place it on the road. good asset!
  • when you upgrade greenpea, she will shoot everything and give everything she has. be warned, for her bullets go in random directions.

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