Meet Mr. Zookie 1

by Lawful Tennis

originally from "Meet Mr. Zookie" by Adhesive Encyclopedia



Meet Mr. Zookie 1, a project made by Lawful Tennis using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, Photo, Animals, Art



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Text Snippets

  • you guys like my new logo?
  • anyways, 10 likes and i will make (son) tookie!
  • i will report all copies!
  • i don’t like fudge
  • ten likes for tookie!
  • oh there he is, in the bakery window!
  • sank you announcer. i am zookie. mr. zookie
  • i have a wife named gookie, a son named tookie and a daughter named kookie
  • my favorite food is fudge
  • my job is working at the local bakery
  • my favorite sport is soccer
  • my favorite place is my work, the bakery
  • my favorite color is brown ‘cause i love fudge
  • angry zookie talking
  • sorry i don’t like it when people don’t like fudge
  • well, i have to go to work now. bye!


  • background scene - image
    background scene - image
  • drawing - Dog 2
    drawing - Dog 2
  • drawing1 - Blue Building 1
    drawing1 - Blue Building 1
  • image - image
    image - image