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mario builder, a project made by Grand Milkshake using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Cool / Wow, Arcade, Remake, Animation, Storytelling, My News, Virtual Friend


simple variables, basic math, functions, variables, simple conditionals, advanced math, string handling, delays, lists, miscellaneous, advanced string handling, platformer basics, simple loops, expert math

  • #Lines:5882
  • #Actors:92
  • #Costumes:297
  • #Scripts:810

Text Snippets

  • global pause play
  • first game by robert (rundown copy) remixes that copy exact scripts without this notice will be flagged.
  • thank you so much for 2k❤️!!!
  • select a trigger to run
  • autoscroll speed
  • touching ground?
  • pipe-bottom-warp
  • center message box
  • select an amount
  • tap again to set a warp location.
  • pipe-bottom-warp,
  • place type store
  • round to nearest
  • type an autoscroll speed
  • select an actor to move
  • select place to move it to
  • please enter a time to move for
  • set autoscroll to...
  • set an autoscroll speed
  • select an item in the content
  • select a position to create
  • super mario toolbox
  • please name your level:
  • please name yourself