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Maniki Neko(codeathon)

by Slow Aphid



Maniki Neko(codeathon), a project made by Slow Aphid using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Educational, gif


simple messaging, visibility, delays, input/output, simple events, advanced costume handling, simple loops, simple motion, resize actor, simple costume handling

  • #Lines:84
  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:13
  • #Scripts:19

Text Snippets

  • Maniki Neko(codeathon)
  • maniki neko in japanese is waving cat
  • it is a japanese good luck charm for shopkeepers
  • you will often see the maniki neko out the front of shops waving at people going past
  • in a way it means come here
  • the movement the japanese use to beccon is the oposite of ours
  • it is like they are waving you away
  • but they only want you to come closer
  • just like the maniki neko
  • hello this is angu@! and i call this group of tynker projects....

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