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LOVE YOURSELF💗, a project made by Witty Pattern using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, Encouragement


input/output, advanced costume handling, delays

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Text Snippets

  • created by k© share with everyone📮📇💗
  • when your talking to someone, don't you ever see someone all alone?
  • don't you feel like helping them?
  • or maybe you're the one all alone, then you must feel really crummy..
  • girls still talking
  • you're the odd ball left out...
  • ever get ignored by a person and not knowing the reason?
  • you try to remember if you did anything bad but all you can remember are good times...
  • the week before was all fun and games...
  • then why is today so horrible?
  • getting bullied is also very horrible...
  • you feel like everyones against you...
  • why are people so mean, you might wonder through these situations...
  • but you've done it before too whether you know it or not...
  • just remember through thick and thin...
  • you look amazing whether other people know it or not...
  • and you're unique and awesome!
  • plaster a silly smile on your face and say,
  • everyone smiles
  • "i am one of a kind no one can tell me that i'm anything opposite of amazing"
  • go out there and shine because...
  • love yourself💗💗💗😍😍