by ~Star Seeker~

originally from "Stay@home" by Sunny_Studios



LISTEN Up!, a project made by ~Star Seeker~ using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Storytelling, Cool / Wow


delays, simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • i’m gonna talk about something important just let me...
  • no, this is for a different time...
  • nah-wait this is actually kinda good for this!
  • okay, so since people think covid 19 has been “going down” they are attending parties and not social distancing.
  • this is not good! scientists have seen a spike in cases, just because people are being careless!
  • please stay@home because you don’t want to get yourself or anyone else sick!
  • most young people think, “since i’m young and i don’t have any diseases, i’m totally safe!”
  • no. anyone can get covid 19 and die from it. take andrea mamman for instance. she was a perfectly healthy 37 year old mom and followed all the safety precautions. she got covid 19 and died. she was a kind and caring mother and left behind a devasted husband and sad 2 year old son. she was one of my mother’s friends and colleagues.
  • please! you don’t want to accidently kill someone, just for a sleepover or something!
  • follow the three d’s. 1. don’t go to crowded places. 2. don’t go to places with bad ventilation, or closed spaces. 3. don’t go to places with confirmed covid cases.
  • thank you! please remix this and publish it, so more people can see it. this is the one and only time i encourage you to copy my projects. tell me what you think.
  • -sunny studios ☀️


  • background scene - White
    background scene - White
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    drawing - drawing
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