Kits 1.2.5

by Satisfying Mouse

remixed from "Kits 1" by Sedate Name

originally from "Kits" by Careless Acorn



Kits 1.2.5, a project made by Satisfying Mouse using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple loops, variables, simple variables

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Text Snippets

  • you can use the items to enchant!
  • enchanting_table
  • experience_bottle
  • diamond_chestplate
  • diamond_leggings
  • cyan_glazed_terracotta
  • you can use “kit gapple”, “kit master”, “kit pvp”, “kit food”, “kit enchant”, “kit brew”, “kit flower”, “kit bower”, “kit maker”, “kit coronavirus"
  • you just dropped a diamond.
  • you need an upgrade, take this
  • hello i’ll tell you how this mod works so this is a kit pvp mod! so when you type in a kit in chat you’ll get the stuff. if you need more info about the kits please type “help 2” in chat. now if you could figure out how to put the kits on a time limit please do so. now have fun, but please don’t spam kits.
  • welcome to kits!! if you need help please type “help 1” in chat
  • minecraft can't help you with that. ;)
  • dont you already spend enough time on are supposet to be taking a minecraft break....dont need to ruin that too.....
  • no way! its spyware!
  • stay home. save lives. play minecraft.