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Kirby Revolution?

by Scornful Planet



Kirby Revolution?, a project made by Scornful Planet using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Photo



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Text Snippets

  • Kirby Revolution?
  • you know what? i have always wondered about the kirby revolution in the first place.
  • if you don’t like kirbys, ignore all the kirby games together!
  • you don’t need to start a revolution!
  • i’m fine if you don’t like kirbys. it’s just that i don’t want annoying, rude or mean stuff like that!
  • i could have go on and go and check if there’s no annoying, rude or mean stuff at the kirby games!
  • how does kirby get a mooties rip off????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • it’s never okay when kirby was appeared one of the mooties games! how?
  • it’s really complicated!
  • if you’re a kirby lover, good! you get to help me get 100% story mode on kirby star allies!
  • if you’re a kirby hater, you needed to control and rethink! i’m not okay when you remix my projects except kirby star allies! how rude! don’t even start a revolution about kirby! i don’t care about that! if you’re a kirby lover, the kirby revolution will end of all. you’re making kirby, blade knight, sir kibble, poppy bros. jr., rocky, bonkers, beetley, wester, bio spark, driblee, burning leo, chilly, plugg, every kirby character very angry!
  • seriously! i have remixed no projects! i didn’t copy anything! not random kirby 3, kirby star allies and extra planets intro! what happens if you copy people’s projects and my projects? you’ll be reported! you supposed to be happy, joyful and excited when you remix your own projects, not really mad!
  • you supposed to remix your own projects! not other people’s projects! if you remixed my projects, you are absolutely wrong! i didn’t even think of remixing other people’s projects or my projects (except kirby star allies)! what happens if i got all remixes when i got 1k likes and 50,000 views?
  • nonononononononononononononono!
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i say!
  • i am the masters of playing kirby star allies! and i dreamed (not really) of kirby star allies! that’s why i thinked of that to do my coding.
  • how? honey hills is so easy to get the big switch! i have pushed nearly all big switches on kirby star allies! if you’re a kirby lover, you can help me push all of the big switches on kirby star allies! also, if glitch happens, re-feature my projects!
  • how rude! if you’re a kirby hater, leave me alone! don’t even think my kirby projects and don’t even think top man’s mooties projects! leave me and top man alone! i don’t care! you decide what other games you want to play! not kirby star allies! that’s the legal, kirby haters!
  • i’ve had enough of this.
  • i’ve had enough of this!
  • i’ve had enough of this!!!
  • i’ve had enough
  • i’ve had enough of
  • i’ve had enough of this!!!!!

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