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Jail...but WHY?!?! Parts 1-3 1

by Alive Flock

originally from "Jail...but WHY?!?! Parts 1-3" by Imaginary Culture



Jail...but WHY?!?! Parts 1-3 1, a project made by Alive Flock using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Racing, Word, Taking Care Of, App, Food & Drink, Animation, Customizer


delays, functions, simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • Jail...but WHY?!?! Parts 1-3 1
  • we’ve got special news today...
  • our new friend, is welcomed to jail!!!
  • we will also have slush and rotten turnip juice for breakfast.
  • today is also visitor day, so get ready for yelling!
  • i’m being serious, mr.
  • i said i’m being serious!
  • it’s no use. i’ll just bring you to jail.
  • looking at notes
  • mr., you left to go to this pinnapple (pronounced pēnapuhl) party and left your child.
  • what am i here for?
  • b-b-ut i meen witt, zir.
  • but i um beong sewios, zir.
  • but y? i didwnt du aneething!
  • thank you for welcoming me!
  • that would be so yummy!
  • yelling would be great!
  • drawing co co co
  • isn’t this our home?
  • meh. let’s go home.
  • ah, so dis is ma home. i understande now!
  • hmm...i need sausages(pronounced sóh-sáh-jēs)...
  • oops i movd an inchy inch
  • oo lala im in a rocket
  • nahhh youll just put me into that orphanaj thing u guys run i need to stay in my home dat here
  • rn im enjoying ma home
  • its time to end dis
  • oh yah u wer ma dentist i cleaned ma teeth!
  • yah itz datt u neede by by
  • moon- ground w. lime suit
  • noww know 1 ill bee inn mah houze
  • moon-ground-chez
  • ooh lah lah, iz dis cheez?!
  • drawing111 copy copy
  • dis tayst soooooo yum.
  • so yum me want more!!!
  • drawing111 copy copy copy
  • ohh noh mee ate tu much
  • ooh now peeps will ask meh qwestons
  • hmm manee qwestons huh?
  • well u gott de rong gy. i’m bobby greyson, noh bob greyson.
  • and so, bobby greyson was never to be seen again.
  • make sure to leave a like, but please, do not remix.
  • thank you for watching the story of bobby greyson!
  • the end pinapple
  • honey, why are you in jail?!?!?!
  • well, well, well, what do we have here?
  • do not move an inch, mr. greyson...
  • guys he’s getting away!!!
  • yah wut du we hav here?
  • like litterally wut
  • oh yah da 1 matt matt told us abut
  • josh, remember this guy that matt told us about? we should handcuff him.
  • haha, we’ve caught you now!
  • its another glidetime
  • ugh, who didn’t lock the exit door to this?!
  • yea, now come close pls...
  • rocketttt(man) 2
  • hey, bob greyson, let us come into...wherever you are!
  • we won’t hurt you!
  • drawing copy copy
  • aha! i’ve caught you, bob greyson! don’t recognize me, do you?
  • i am the person who arrested you! i had to make my way onto the skeld and make a rocket, so i could find you. any last words?
  • mr. greyson, don’t!
  • uhh, we have a code “person in space”, please bring people into space to deal with this.
  • we have finally found you, bob greyson, we shall imprison you!!!
  • yes, what do you think about that?!
  • because of the pinapple party, you will be in jail forever.

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