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Irisandjason news, a project made by Materialistic Muffin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • Irisandjason news
  • welcome to irisandjason news!
  • don’t report please!
  • usually, i shouldn’t give out to much information about myself, so lets just say the important stuff. i am a boy who is 8 years old.
  • i have done tynker for about 4 months.
  • for now i am pretty famous. i have been featured more than 8 times!
  • q. do you do tynker on a ipad or a computer? a. both! my ipad username is irisandjason. my computer username is chopperslice.
  • q. what is your favourite tynker project? a. i have three! dot dash: has my most likes: 1.7 k. next, iphone: my digital iphone, and last, virtual orb.
  • q. how many projects of yours get rejected? a. oh, 3. my disco robber 3 got rejected, so i stopped that seires. also minecraft bomerman, wich i think is maybe to violent. my dungeon escape got rejected, for some reason. i also want tye tynker company to change something. i want them to show why do my projects get rejected. please change this.
  • q. what is your favorite color? a. why would people want to know? my fovorite color is orange.
  • q. so, in your chopperslice email, what do you publish? a. for now i only published minecraft stuff, so i’m not that famos.
  • so, this tells you how the copys of my stuff make me feel.
  • 1. dot dash. people copyed me and im fine with that.
  • 2. minecraft herobrine boss battle. so good. so many copys! im fine with that but one copy got featured! also, one of the copys got more likes, the one by true frame. not fair!
  • 3. dot dash 2. more copys and one got more likes again!
  • the copys are okay, but i’d rather hope people dont copy me!
  • im sorry for not making nutritios ninja 2!
  • im sorry for not making disco robber 3! (in fact, it got rejected)


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