Inteligence Test

by Miscreant Refrigerator



Inteligence Test, a project made by Miscreant Refrigerator using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Quiz, Math, Animation, Storytelling, Virtual Friend


simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, simple sound playing

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  • Inteligence Test
  • adventurous music
  • Adventurous Music
  • today we are doing a quiz.
  • this quiz will test your knowladge.
  • we will start with math.
  • sorry, it was 14
  • next question, emily has a jar of 34 marbles. 10 of them are yellow. the rest are blue and green. the amount of blue and green numbers are the same. how many blue and green marbles ( not added up) are there
  • sorry, it was 12
  • how many feet are there in a mile?
  • sorry, it was 5280
  • last question, what is 8x5?
  • sorry, it was 40
  • our next subject is space.
  • what is the densest planet in the solar system? ( hint: it’s a gas giant)
  • correct! if earth was bigger, it could float on our oceans.
  • sorry, it was saturn
  • how many light years is earth from the sun?
  • 93 million light years
  • sorry, the answer was 93 million light years
  • what seperates mars from jupiter?
  • the asteroid belt
  • correct! the asteroid belt seperates the “rocky planets” from the “gas giants”
  • sorry, it was the asteroid belt
  • who was the first person to walk on the moon?
  • sorry, it was neil armstrong
  • our next subject is history.
  • when was alexander the great born?
  • correct! he was also born on macedonia
  • sorry, it was 336 b.c.
  • when is america’s independence day?
  • sorry, it was july 14, 1776
  • which state is america’s highest mountain located?
  • sorry, it was alaska
  • which is the largest island in the world?
  • sorry, it was greenland
  • our last subject will be science.
  • what is the force that makes an airplane fly?
  • correct! there is another force; thurst. it makes an airplane go forward.
  • sorry, it was lift.
  • how many states of matter are there?
  • correct! there is really a fourth state, plasma.
  • sorry, the answer was 3
  • what is the metamorpasis of a butterfly?
  • egg, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly
  • sorry, that was not the correct answer.
  • what air does a plant breath in?
  • correct! a plant exhales oxygen.
  • sorry, it was carbon dioxide
  • well, this is the end of the quiz. please like!


  • background scene - Space
    background scene - Space