project screenshot

impossible Level 5(Top 3)

by Ahead Rust

originally from "impossible challenge game 1" by Bewildered Camel



impossible Level 5(Top 3), a project made by Ahead Rust using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple messaging, detect conditions, advanced events, delays, visibility, simple events, simple loops, direction and turning, variables, functions, advanced motion, input/output, simple motion, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, simple variables, program control, simple drawing, advanced animation, fill color, screen bounds, pen size, pen color, shape drawing, expert math

  • #Lines:327
  • #Actors:45
  • #Costumes:47
  • #Scripts:95

Text Snippets

  • impossible Level 5(Top 3)
  • now get to the tresure
  • hello move the joy stick to move the ball avoidthe thing chaseing you. get the mace to unlock the treasure.
  • dirt platform111
  • dirt platform11111
  • dirt platform111111
  • dirt platform1111111
  • dirt platform11111111
  • dirt platform112
  • dirt platform1121
  • dirt platform11211
  • dirt platform113
  • dirt platform114
  • dirt platform112111
  • dirt platform1121111
  • dirt platform112111111
  • dirt platform1121111111
  • dirt platform11211111111
  • dirt platform112111111111
  • dirt platform1121111111111
  • dirt platform11211111111111
  • dirt platform112111111112
  • dirt platform211
  • dirt platform212
  • dirt platform2121
  • dirt platform21211
  • dirt platform212111
  • dirt platform2121111
  • dirt platform21211111
  • dirt platform212111111
  • dirt platform1121111111112
  • dirt platform1121112
  • dirt platform21221
  • dirt platform21211112
  • dirt platform212111121
  • dirt platform2121111211
  • dirt platform212111112