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imposible fruit meeting

by Ragged Battle



imposible fruit meeting, a project made by Ragged Battle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Food & Drink


basic math, miscellaneous, simple variables, simple conditionals, variables, simple sound playing, delays, expert math

  • #Lines:318
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:24
  • #Scripts:54

Text Snippets

  • imposible fruit meeting
  • pick a fruit to play their minigame!
  • seeds_per_second
  • the last digit in the code is 5
  • ヽ(◉ᗜ◉)ノ u won ヽ(◉ᗜ◉)ノ
  • ultimate fruit quiz time!!
  • who is the creator of this?(case sensitive)
  • no, it’s a minigame
  • no, it’s a quiz
  • what do pineapples grow from?
  • nothing, they come out of thin air.
  • what size are banana seeds?
  • which of these fruits does not grow in tropical regions?
  • which of these berries are poisonous?
  • someone tried to poison someone with a _______! it failed though...
  • what number question is this in the ultimate fruit quiz?(in number form)
  • you win!! the first digit in the code is 2
  • bottom message box
  • click on me to change seeds!
  • what is the code?
  • i said what is the code? not what is the code. good thinking though...
  • wrong. the third digit is 7. that is a hint.
  • tap to continue with my speaking!
  • to find a clue to the next digit in the code you need to find the secret 8 ball!!
  • don’t snoop for the code
  • follow its instructions and keep following the clues to get the next digit!
  • wot are u doing in mah code!
  • what do you call a burger on a table? (answer in all lowercase)
  • (╯>⏠>)╯︵ ┻━┻ you failed (╯>⏠>)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • the 5th digit in the code is 1!
  • to get the last digit in the code you need to find my brothers, we are playing tag, and they are hiding, by the way...
  • awww u caught me... [¬╭╮¬]
  • to find the next clue, go to pandadood’s profile and click on the project called “apple code clue” and follow clues from there...
  • because it’s a magic 8 ball!!
  • Green Button Off

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