ill join! 1

by 🌺Pony Girl🌺

remixed from "ill join!" by Foxy17

originally from "DragumPack updated" by Unarmed Pick



ill join! 1, a project made by 🌺Pony Girl🌺 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Social, My News


input/output, simple events, layers, advanced costume handling

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  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:7
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Text Snippets

  • jilly! and i have just made a club..and its called..dragumpack!
  • if you want to join just remix and put your name in the list!
  • but only i pick the leaders..
  • any mean projects will be reported and owner will be baned..
  • we collob.give advise and draw!
  • i want to join. i may not be able to do too much, because of homework and other collabs, but i will make time!!
  • plz plz plz plz plz plz plz can i join???


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing
    drawing1 - drawing
  • drawing2 - drawing
    drawing2 - drawing
  • drawing3 - drawing
    drawing3 - drawing
  • drawing4 - drawing
    drawing4 - drawing
  • drawing5 - drawing
    drawing5 - drawing
  • drawing6 - drawing
    drawing6 - drawing