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  • hi! i started a fan club in honor of my 100 likes streak! so....yeah.
  • -destiny (icky culture)
  • omg! you want to actually join?!?!
  • remix and tell me your username and oc!
  • wait, and if you want to be leader, mention it, please.
  • i’ll allow everyone!! (well, check the banned list)
  • remember to title the project icfanclub. (p.s. ic stands for icky culture, just to clarify)
  • none right now...
  • me! and...that’s it...
  • well, this is to protect drama from happening. i definetly dont want to pick sides or fights, so here it is.
  • fruityflowerkitty.
  • seasnakestudios.
  • apple smiles ⭐️ (i think thats how you spell it)
  • you will be here in the banned if youre kicked out of the club!
  • here are the rules. if you break them, you are banned. forever. you cant rejoin. so here they are.
  • rule number 1: be kind to others.
  • rule number 2: no bullying! or teasing!
  • rule number three: no critizing. at all.
  • rule number 4: have fun!
  • this is a fan club, so anyone who is my fan/ friend can join. even if youre not, i’ll allow!
  • i guess we have fun and hang out... so yeah...


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    drawing1 - drawing
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    drawing8 - drawing
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