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I guess I'll do this too...

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I guess I'll do this too..., a project made by Purpleberry using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, Digital Art, My News, Shout-Out, My Favorites, Encouragement


input/output, simple messaging, functions, advanced costume handling, visibility, simple events, delays, text handling

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Text Snippets

  • I guess I'll do this too...
  • purpleberry here!
  • so... everybody's been doing this thing where they say who their fav tynker users are.
  • i've been tempted to do one if everyones okay with that...
  • but i'm going to do it differently.
  • there will be no first second or third.
  • i dont want any upset people because i ❤ you all!
  • i am simply just telling you what my current favourite tynker users are
  • i will announce new fav tynker users soon if you guys want.
  • first we have kittymuffin who made so many funny, amazing games!
  • she worked incredibly hard on her projects and deserves awesomeness!!
  • next we have pkfreeze! i wish he hadnt quit sharing on tynker.
  • he made so many fun projects like a mario cart remake!
  • and next we have t
  • t has made some awesome projects that i loved such as sheepy twig crusher and car trip sim
  • and now we have whoever made cheeto v.s. dorito! i ❤ that soooooo much!!!
  • and next we have elise! amazing well drawn projects! keep it up!
  • anouther fav tynker user of mine is mcbonus333!!! this user has some really good projects!
  • sorry i couldn't find a picture...
  • and last two fav tynker user for this project is 22rschuckman! this person put so much effort into every project!
  • thanks for watching bye!

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I guess I'll do this too...
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I guess I'll do this too... 1
I guess I'll do this too... 1