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Horse World (WIP)

by Passionate Chocolate



Horse World (WIP), a project made by Passionate Chocolate using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Photo, Art, App, Animation, Animals, Cool / Wow, Food & Drink, Music


delays, functions, basic math, simple conditionals, advanced math, miscellaneous, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:395
  • #Actors:18
  • #Costumes:39
  • #Scripts:104

Text Snippets

  • Horse World (WIP)
  • hello and welcome to horse world! please no copying, i spent a lot of hard work and time on this. any copies will be reported. thank you!
  • bay clydsdale picked
  • bay arabian picked
  • dapple grey arabian picked
  • chestnut arabian picked
  • grey clydsdale picked
  • you drank some cool, refreshing water!
  • you ate some fresh hay!
  • milly the mouse’s cheese quest
  • milly the mouse’s cheese quest in progress
  • secila the squirell’s acorn quest
  • secila the squirell’s acorn quest in progress
  • dapple grey arabian
  • chestnut arabian
  • i’m hannah and i’m the best rider at the barn
  • bottom message box
  • what is your name? dont use capitals.
  • thats a... nice name. scurry along now,
  • hello! welcome to horse world! to get started, press the play button. to move your horse around, tap on wherever you want to go continuously until your horse gets there. tap people to intercat with them!
  • back to barn button
  • news: update poll vote soon! to vote, go to "horse world update poll"
  • hello! i’m milly the mouse. can you help me get my cheese?
  • thank you so much!
  • aw, ok. tell me if you change your mind!
  • milly the mouses’s cheese quest completed
  • thank you so much! i thought i would never see my cheese again!
  • milly the mouse’s cheese
  • secila the squirrel
  • hello! i’m secila the squirell! can you help me get my acorns?
  • thank’s! they should be on the forest floor, but if you dont find any, go talk to crown the crow!
  • secila the squirell’s acorn quest completed
  • thank you! nom nom nom....
  • hello! here are your acorns for secila!
  • bay clydesdale 1

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