Have you noticed

by Profitable Charge

originally from "Talking Tofu - complete" by Future Auction



This talking tofu tells a story! Modify the project by drawing more costumes for the tofu and giving it more things to say.


input/output, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, layers, simple events, text handling

  • #Lines:30
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:11
  • #Scripts:2

Text Snippets

  • have you ever noticed there is someting happening in tynker?
  • tynker is not as fun as it used to be.
  • more and more useless projects are getting published.
  • less and less good projects we could see.
  • also, plagarism is flowing.
  • lazy tynkerers can just copy one of the featured project and get hundreds of like by doing that!
  • while the minority of good projects just get ignored!
  • what is happening to tynker!!!
  • is this the ultimate fate of it?
  • we are tynkerers. we have the right to make change.
  • if we take the projects we are making seriously, there will be no more useless projects!
  • if we report any plagarism, there will be no more copying!
  • we are the key to make change.
  • if you agree with me, please like this project.
  • take every project seriously, and report every copying project.
  • so that way in the tynker community, we all have a brighter future.


  • background scene - Drawing
    background scene - Drawing
  • Tofu - Happy
    Tofu - Happy
  • Tofu - What
    Tofu - What
  • Tofu - Hmmm
    Tofu - Hmmm
  • Tofu - Cry
    Tofu - Cry
  • Tofu - Normal
    Tofu - Normal
  • Tofu - Sad
    Tofu - Sad
  • Tofu - Crying
    Tofu - Crying
  • Tofu - Crying hard
    Tofu - Crying hard
  • Tofu - Normal copy
    Tofu - Normal copy
  • Tofu - What copy
    Tofu - What copy
  • Plate - actor
    Plate - actor