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happy guy

by Wet Century



happy guy, a project made by Wet Century using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Arcade, Animation, Stick Figure, Storytelling, Virtual Friend


basic math, simple messaging, advanced costume handling, input/output, visibility, simple variables, simple conditionals, cloning, simple events, variables, simple loops, delays, resize actor, simple sound playing, simple motion, text handling, advanced motion, layers

  • #Lines:147
  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:23
  • #Scripts:23

Text Snippets

  • direction: click on the flowers,candy,smiley face to make the mad person happy
  • if you click on stuff that is not the happy stuff you will lose
  • the game will start in
  • im having i very very very terible day
  • everything is going wrong
  • drawing copy copy
  • uhhhhg im very mad mad mad mad mad right now!!!!
  • aghhhh im so maddddddd!!!!!!
  • yay im not mad now heres a trophie
  • thank you now you get a trophie and dont forget to take a screen shot

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