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grumpy cats memes 1

by Unkempt Shepherd

originally from "grumpy cats memes" by Specific Quiz



grumpy cats memes 1, a project made by Unkempt Shepherd using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Geography, Cool / Wow, Storytelling, Photo


delays, simple loops, simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • grumpy cats memes 1
  • adventurous music
  • if you miss grumpy cat remix this and spread the news
  • a pawsome new era of memes have come i just wish grumpy cat was here to see it and make a rude comment
  • Adventurous Music
  • pls like. this was made in honor of grumpy cat (born april 4th, 2012)(died may 14th, 2019), i love u!!!!
  • this hilarious wall of memes is great! click stuff
  • rest in peacee!!
  • lol i hate onions
  • grumpy caaaaaattttt....
  • when?? that is clickbait. i dont beleive you
  • lol i have that same dream
  • click the moving people, they say rando memes
  • that is so wrong it can so be right
  • i meant dark side
  • i thought it was row row row your- no!
  • grumpy cat will come for you!
  • math sucks so does heaven
  • i shall haunt you
  • dont be happy be grumpy
  • i am grumpy cats ghost ooooooo
  • pizza with anchovies now!
  • watch secrets of the songwing
  • i wish i was your cat so i could haunt you
  • everyone is remembering me with happy thoughts, quit it or ill haunt you!
  • a grumpy cat meme a day keeps grumpy dog memes at bay!
  • cute boots, now get em off my bacon
  • who is the most powerful potato in the galaxy?
  • i just came here to peck some people
  • the creator of this, rubythedog, should be president!
  • theres nothing better exept ducks, then grumpy cat memes
  • we miss you grumpy cat!
  • i could get someone to break out the weejee bord