project screenshot

Goopy battle thingy 1

by Busy Jewel

originally from "Goopy battle thingy" by Grotesque Penguin



Goopy battle thingy 1, a project made by Busy Jewel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


expert physics, basic math, advanced motion, simple events, simple conditionals, screen bounds, delays, simple messaging, advanced animation, detect conditions, variables, simple costume handling, text handling, simple variables, direction and turning, simple loops, simple motion, input/output, advanced math, conditional wait, visibility, conditional loops, cloning, miscellaneous, advanced physics, simple sound playing, basic physics, resize actor

  • #Lines:265
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:20
  • #Scripts:24

Text Snippets

  • Goopy battle thingy 1
  • you know what to do! also, beam sword. lawl. finish him!
  • use the buttons to control your character
  • green button off
  • purple button off
  • purple button on
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