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For cometcat

by Simple Waterbottle

remixed from "New Challenge!!!" by Plausible Golf

originally from "nyan cat" by Cat Cat



For cometcat, a project made by Simple Waterbottle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Social, Shout-Out, Game, Customizer


simple messaging, visibility, input/output, simple events, advanced costume handling, basic math, delays, simple loops, layers, miscellaneous, resize actor, advanced motion, simple costume handling, simple conditionals, simple variables, text handling, cloning, simple motion, simple sound playing, variables, program control, music and instruments, detect conditions, conditional loops, color detection, advanced events

  • #Lines:778
  • #Actors:28
  • #Costumes:105
  • #Scripts:175

Text Snippets

  • fairy fashion designs
  • pixie dust maker
  • i’ve already come up with some ideas:
  • click on which one you like best!
  • click your outfit
  • hi, there! i’m periwinkle, tinker bell’s sister! will you help make us make inventions to bring my friends to pixie hollow?
  • i choose this one!
  • look at the short pink outfit! wow! thanks for the help!
  • i choose this one
  • i think that the shiny gold dress was a great choice! thanks for the help!
  • these are three designs tinker bell came up with to make sure we don’t over heat.
  • choose which you think is the best design.
  • but, remember! the design you choose has to be transportable, so us snow fairies can take it all over while we sight-see!
  • thanks for the help; this design is fine, but it could be a little easier to bring around.
  • thank you! this design is great! i will tell tinker bell that she might have some competition at being the best tinkerer!
  • thanks for the help, but how are we going to lug a whole room around pixie hollow?
  • wow! the flowy silver dress looks amazing! thanks for the help!
  • hello, i am silvermist. my friend, tinker bell, told me you were here to help us. thank you!
  • there are too many droplets for us water fairies to handle! can you help us collect them by tapping them?
  • we need at least 15, please!
  • hey, i’m terence! tinker bell said you will fill in as a temporary pixie dust maker, thank you!
  • see that spout over there?
  • i don’t really want this job...
  • great, just drag the bucket to it to fill the bucket with pixie dust!
  • thank you so much for the help!
  • holiday - electric piano
  • hi, everyone! i’m tinker bell! and, i need your help.
  • the snow fairies are starting to want to come to our land, but i don’t have enough time to make the inventions they need to come! can you help me?
  • one of our pixie dust fairies left! can you help us by filling in until we find a good replacement?
  • the water fairies are having a droplet overload! can you help them?
  • the fairy queen is coming tomorrow, and asked me to make her a special outfit for the occasion! can you help?
  • Holiday - electric piano
  • Holiday - melody
  • drawing copy copy
  • shiny gold outfit
  • drawing copy copy 1
  • hi, cometcat! i’m tynkerpad, and i entered this contest too. please check out my entry as well! :3
  • what is your name
  • tynkerbell’s icon
  • hi, i’m tinker bell! i hope you like this tynker! i will be here in all of tynkerbell’s projects.
  • thank you guys so much for the likes on her last project, kylie’s pet emporium. 200! that’s incredible!
  • but, this not the project she promised after that one got 350 likes.
  • that one is coming out soon, it’s called doggy dress-up!, so look out for it!
  • anyway, here’s this project for now. please like it! if it gets over 10, she will release a contest of her own!
  • ps: she knows there are some glitches, but please excuse them. she worked really hard on this.
  • thanks for playing!
  • design your own fairy!
  • brown, blond, black, or red hair?
  • smile, frown, or smirk?
  • white, gold, or blue wings?
  • girl brown smile
  • white, gold, or pink wings?
  • girl brown frown
  • girl brown smirk
  • girl blond smile
  • girl blond frown
  • girl blond smirk
  • girl black smile
  • girl black frown
  • girl black smirk
  • boy brown smile white
  • girl brown smile white
  • boy blond smile white
  • girl blond smile white
  • boy black smile white
  • girl black smile white
  • boy red smile white
  • girl red smile white
  • boy brown frown white