project screenshot

flight imposissible 4

by Alike Hose



flight imposissible 4, a project made by Alike Hose using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade, Battle, Art, Animation, Stick Figure, Storytelling, Virtual Friend


delays, simple loops, miscellaneous, simple conditionals

  • #Lines:782
  • #Actors:43
  • #Costumes:80
  • #Scripts:180

Text Snippets

  • flight imposissible 4
  • drawing111111111
  • drawing1111111111
  • drawing11111111111
  • drawing111111111111
  • you are stronger than most gamers!
  • now you can battle my creation!
  • go get roasted, literally
  • ughghughguuhguuhgghugghghgh
  • you ruined everything, now im going to ruin you!
  • pathetic players!
  • i will have them play the ultimate challenge,
  • they will be delt with soon enough!
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy 1
  • drawing2 copy copy
  • drawing2 copy copy copy
  • destroy first boss
  • destoy lava machine
  • thank you for your service
  • you stopped him from destroying the world