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final drawing 1 1 1? idk

by Ice Wolf

remixed from "final drawing 1 1" by *_Niko Studios_*

originally from "final drawing" by Untrue Casserole



final drawing 1 1 1? idk, a project made by Ice Wolf using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple events, input/output, simple costume handling

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  • final drawing 1 1 1? idk
  • thank for clicking this! this is my final drawing until i get back! this is my oc favilla latin for ember! while im gone someone needs to take care of her. not keep her. she isnt old anough to be on her own... remeber she’s not ur’s to keep i only need her to stay wiht a loving awsome tynkerer that will keep her updated on stuff and inclide her art she also come with firefox and cinnimon her two fav animals! pls take good care of them and remixe to say if you want to keep em
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  • very nice art! can i look after them for a while?
  • yeah, but anyone can ask, not just u, niko studios, but ur art is really good!
  • hello ice wolf? um me and amy was asking if niko studio could taje her.... so please see this...