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Dungeon escape

by Materialistic Muffin



Dungeon escape, a project made by Materialistic Muffin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Cool / Wow, Game, Puzzle, Adventure, Art, Animation, Role Playing


simple events, visibility, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, simple conditionals, simple variables, expert math, simple loops, variables, miscellaneous, input/output, delays, text handling, music and instruments, detect conditions, layers, simple sound playing, conditional loops, simple motion, advanced motion, program control, direction and turning, resize actor

  • #Lines:416
  • #Actors:23
  • #Costumes:37
  • #Scripts:87

Text Snippets

  • you are trapped in a dungeon. can you escape by finding clues?
  • center message box
  • do you understand?
  • you stick the ruler inside the lock and, snap!
  • shoot down the guards!
  • you win! you found all of the stuff!
  • you need a key to unlock this.
  • tap me to see the things you need!
  • do these in order:

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